Vet Medicine

Why your veterinarian might prescribe a compounded medication?
Compounded medications are prescribed when a veterinarian determines that the appropriate treatment is not otherwise available from a pharmaceutical manufacturer, or is not available in the strength, dosage form, flavour or package size the veterinarian thinks is necessary for treatment. When your veterinarian sends a prescription into Maylands Compounding, a pharmacist prepares a medication that meets the individual needs of your pet.

The medications and information you need, when you need them.
When you fill in your prescription with us, we’ll ship it right to your home. 95% of prescriptions are shipped the day they are placed and will be delivered within one to two business days.

Flavoured Medication
We know how finicky animals can be when it comes to their diet. So dosing medication can be near impossible. Our job at Maylands is to make this easier for you, through a range of different dosage forms that best suit your pet. Such as a flavoured oral dose, or as a transdermal cream that can be applied directly onto your pets skin. Fish flavoured medications for cats and liver medications for dogs are readily available. We can even prepare pina colada or banana flavoured medications for exotic birds.

Customised Medication Dosages
Often commercially available animal medications come in only one dosage or strength. In order to properly medicate small animals, a reduced dose often must be given. This can be a problem and a potential source of either over or under medicating, if the required drug only comes in a solid form, our Compounding Laboratory can provide the exact amount of medication per dose needed to treat smaller animals in a more appropriate form. Conversely, we can provide higher strengths than commercially available medications and can formulate it into a single dose.

Medications No Longer Available
Frequently, drug manufacturers will discontinue the production of medications and dosage forms because of low demand and, hence, decrease profit. However, often there is still a need for these products. When a veterinary formulation is not commercially available we can help. Our laboratory can obtain the necessary pharmaceutical grade chemicals needed to compound individualised dosage forms.

Maylands Compounding are able to offer Veterinarians a specialised service tailor made for Veterinary clinics.
With our extensive inventory of veterinary medication on hand we are able offer every veterinary clinic an exceptionally fast delivery service throughout the country.

The prescribed dosage is tailor made to meet the patients specific needs, thereby maximising compliancy. Veterinary preparations that are currently compounded:

  • Chewable medicated flavoured treats
  • Oral suspensions and pastes
  • Discontinued medications
  • Oral powder packs
  • Flavoured suspensions
  • Topical creams, ointments and lotions
  • Sugar free formulations
  • Ophthalmic preparations
  • Combination medications
  • Otic preparations
  • Customised dosage forms
  • Transdermals
  • Dye-free formulations
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