Quality Assurance

Since 2004 Maylands Compounding has been making a name for itself as one of Western Australia’s leading compounding pharmacies making preparations for physicians and veterinarians with customised medications for their clients.
Maylands Compounding's strict procedures and extensive knowledge of compounding can ensure that every compounded product that leaves the store is of the highest quality. Please contact us with any special needs you may have.


Please refer to our quality assurance section for more information. The use of sophisticated compounding equipment in a clean laboratory ensures the highest standards are maintained resulting in top-quality products.
We use pharmaceutical grade ingredients (eg. minerals, vitamins, amino acids) complying with USP/BP/EP/JP specifications and manufactured in accordance with the Australian code for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

We source our raw materials from all over the world from manufacturers recognised for their high standards and quality pharmaceutical materials. Our ingredients are further independently tested for assay and heavy metals by a reputable Australian institute.
Maylands Compounding Pharmacy is a member of PCCA, a professional body with more than 3,500 members around the world in the USA, Europe, Canada, Brazil, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Our compounding pharmacists and all our lab technicians have received extensive ACPE-accredited training at the PCCA labs and keep up-to-date with the latest research and technology at seminars and conferences. Our lab uses state of the art technology and only the finest pharmaceutical ingredients from PCCA and other quality manufacturers

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